About Us

Curated, styled, and affordable artwork solutions for your walls

The old cliché of “it’s all in the detail” certainly rings true when it comes to décor. Many homeowners and office/retail establishments spend their entire budget on renovations, materials and fittings without a thought about what should adorn the walls.

At Studio&Me we understand that changing your décor can be a costly exercise, but we have a solution that will appeal to those who want to finish off their walls in style, without breaking the bank. That is why we have carefully created a unique selection of wall art that will save you the expense of using an external interior decorator while allowing you to enjoy the creative talents of a variety of artists and art styles.

The brainchild of experienced interior decorator Hayley, Studio&Me is an online studio offering a boutique selection of art prints at affordable prices, aimed at revolutionising the art reproduction sphere from tacky to tasteful, with exquisite style and quality guaranteed with every offering.

Studio&Me clients not only benefit from Hayley’s expertise in interior decorating but are also able to choose their favourite prints online on one platform, saving on costs, time and effort, not to mention doing it from the comfort of your own home.

Inspired by the current trends in Scandinavian design, fashion and interior design, the selection of prints, which is consistently updated, has been chosen with versatility in mind, which is why you can use Studio&Me to adorn your walls in any room in the home, office or retail space.

Customers can choose from unframed or framed prints with a variety of framing options. By employing up-to-the-minute technology, Studio&Me ensures that the prints are of the finest quality and always printed on premium paper.

Think of Studio&Me as an intimate decorating partnership between you and a studio par excellence, without the extra fuss.

By providing online lookbooks, Studio&Me enables clients to customise their own art collection for each and every desired space. The result is a carefully curated artwork collection revealing exquisite taste and an eye for detail.

If your walls could talk, they would say: “Thank you for choosing Studio&Me.”

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