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Get to know Studio&Me founder, Hayley!

My intentions for Studio&Me is truly to bring Joy and positivity to the home/space. Being an interior decorator I have seen how art and accessories can truly transform a room and I wanted to create a product that had that transformative effect. I tried to curate a collection that is quite vast in its offering so that it catered to individualism. I want people to purchase our prints and allow it to bring positive energy, warmth and style to their space. There is nothing better than walking into a room and smiling and this is exactly what I wish for every client and we hope our art elicits this emotion. We, at Studio&Me are grateful to be a part of such an intimate process as making a house and home and we cherish every opportunity to do so. As we like to say your walls will say “Thank you for choosing Studio&Me”

What got you started on your venture?

Being an interior decorator I saw a gap in the market as we had such limited choice when it came to art prints. I also wanted to create an affordable product and great user experience available to everyone, not just interior decorators. With a mass market in mind, I have tried to create gallery walls and design layouts available to give my customers a piece of my inter expertise without the price tag.

What was your biggest challenge when starting?

I think my biggest challenge when starting was sometimes feeling overwhelmed and not having the support of a mentor or business partner to guide and direct me.


One valuable lesson that I have learnt is that setbacks are inevitable but your attitude is what matters. I have learnt to embrace and grow from challenges and mistakes but mostly to try not to let myself get too stressed when something goes wrong. It’s par for the course and you just have to adapt and come up with solutions.

Do you have any advice to future female entrepreneurs?

My advice would be to just start but always to listen and learn from those more successful and knowledgeable around you. And always believe in yourself- if you don’t, noone else will.